Ann & Kris - Eastside Seattle Maternity Session

January 02, 2014

Ann is one of those friends that I don't remember meeting, I remember jumping in piles of leaves in her backyard, I remember ice cream birthday cakes with soccer balls, I remember her at high school graduation, college graduation, my wedding, her reception and a chance encounter in a Minneapolis airport that left me jumping up and down when she said "twins."

I do remember however, the first time I met Kris not because it was a big to do but the look on Ann's face when she told me about this boy was priceless and truly unforgettable.  What is amazing is that one of my best friends from elementary school in my tiny Minnesota town married a man from Gig Harbor so when they come to visit his family, I get to take up some of their time as well.

This fall the five of us got together so that I could capture a few moments of Ann looking at Kris with the same look she's been giving him for 8 years.  I am beyond excited to share these photos of my two friends and their new baby-boys-to-be.

Congratulations on your expanding family, friends!  I can't wait to meet your little boys, I know they will be well loved!

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