Warehouse Winery Wedding // Holly + Brian

May 08, 2018

When Holly moved from the West Coast back to Minnesota she knew she needed to find a community to be a part of.  So she sought out a church in her area, showed up one Sunday determined to focus on her faith and finding community and not trying to find an eligible guy.  Then, the first person she met when she went inside, was Brian.

A few months and a couple of choir practices later they had their first date, and the rest is not history, it is a beautiful story that is still being written.  

Throughout their wedding day, there was a sense of steadied excitement.  This day they had waited for so long was here and yet it looked nothing like the spring wedding they had expected.  Four days earlier it had snowed 16 inches in most of the Twin Cities and the 50-degree temperatures hadn't quite caught up with the snowpack.  But with calm heads and easy-going hearts, Brian and Holly stood in the wintery remnants where the only cold feet to be found were because of Holly's strappy heels in the snow.

Their wedding was at Warehouse Winery in St. Louis Park and the quirky decor mixed with their sense of nostalgia and family pieces worked so well together.  Also, Holly used to work for YoYo Donuts in Minnetonka, so what better wedding cake could she ask for?
It's not often that I say to my clients, "I know it sounds weird but the clouds are covering the sunset so do you want to go to this hospital parking garage instead?"  It's even less often that they say yes, but these photos were one of my favorite parts of the night.
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Daniels!  I am beyond excited for what the future holds for you two and I'm so glad that part of it is being close to me!

A huge thank you to Emily Stock of Tiger Lily Photography for second shooting with me this day!

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