Kerry & Lizzy - Oregon Golf Club Wedding

March 31, 2014

Much like their engagement post, these two have left me at a loss for words.  To be around them is to be in the presence of love that is deeply desired and freely given.  The kind of love that takes the gale force winds and pounding rain of that day and still makes you feel warm and snug.

When Kerry's brother, Noah, gave the best-man toast he read from the poem The Country of Marriage by Wendell Berry.  I think it describes them best:

What I am learning to give you is my death
to set you free of me, and me from myself
into the dark and the new light. Like the water
of a deep stream, love is always too much. We
did not make it. Though we drink till we burst
we cannot have it all, or want it all.
In its abundance it survives our thirst.
In the evening we come down to the shore
to drink our fill, and sleep, while it
flows through the regions of the dark.
It does not hold us, except we keep returning
to its rich waters thirsty. We enter,
willing to die, into the commonwealth of its joy.

And with their first kiss, the rain went away and the blue skies opened up!

Sometimes it just takes one guy, usually the groom's pastor, dancing by himself to Billie Jean to get the party going!

Congratulations Kerry and Lizzy, I was so honored to be part of your day and even more honored to be part of your family!  Enjoy California!

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