Mt. Vernon Backyard Wedding - Stephen & Tyler

September 16, 2015

It’s almost comical how much of Stephen & Tyler’s wedding day revolved around their first date.   From Tyler’s vows where he described how he nearly talked himself out of their first date a 100 times out of fear that it would never work with such an amazing guy.  To their wedding homily when it was revealed that on their first date, when Tyler revealed to Stephen that he really likes dinosaurs, without blinking Stephen replied “Oh cool, my favorite dinosaur is a Pachycephalosaurus.”  That’s right, not only did he have a favorite dinosaur, but also a very obscure and specific dinosaur.  And there, the beginning of their relationship set the tone for their future.

Stephen gives Tyler opportunities to be brave, believe in himself and have somewhat nerdy hobbies and interests.  Tyler gives Stephen the space to take in the world around him with all its wonder and specificity, the chances to ask big questions and entertain mystery as an answer.   They love each other with abandon, the kind of love that embraces their differences, not tolerates them but invites them wholeheartedly into their lives without condition or the silent resolution to change the other.  They are exquisite together, because they are better together, and so is the world around them.

Knowing that they come most alive without a roof over their heads, they opted for a backyard wedding complete with picnic blankets, barbeques and pie.  It was beautifully detailed and still simple, not audacious but certainly not timid, it was the beginning of a new family filled with light and love and gospel.  Not to mention, it started in an Airstream trailer!
Before the day started, Tyler & Stephen took a moment to check in with each other and grab a cup of coffee,  I love first looks, but this was one of the most beautiful starts to a wedding day I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.
 I have also decided everyone should get ready in an Airstream, so much fun!
They chose to do a first look, but not with each other, instead with their moms.  I'm surprise these are in focus because I was in tears!
Not only did they have a wedding party walk down the aisle, but they had light-bearers to set the path ahead of them, just as many did before them in order to bring them together.
After vows and applause and delicious food, we took a walk in the light and it was glorious.

Congratulations friends, I cannot thank you enough for inviting me into your story, I'm excited for the next chapter!

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  1. So beautiful. I have tears in my eyes! I also thought their seating sign was so clever! :)


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