Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photos // Adam + Jess

November 23, 2015

Adam and Jess have tons of photos together.  They love documenting their moments together, so when Adam asked Jess to take a photo in front of the Eilean Donan castle on the Island of Loch Duich in Scotland, it simply seemed like the thing to do.  But instead of a photo, Adam set his phone to video mode, got down on one knee and asked Jess to spend the rest of her life with him.  
When you see the photos they are precious and fantastic but also a little surprising, because the look on Jess's face is complete with surprise and awe.  Usually, when she's looking at Adam her face breaks into an unending smile, followed by a giggle.  Honestly, when these two are looking at each other there is nothing but warmth and joy and deep history and great promise.  

That joy and heat proved a great comfort on a cold day at the bottom of Rattlesnake Lake's dry lake bed.  As they walked hand in hand through an iconic Pacific Northwestern location, the 34 degree chill didn't phase those looks they give each other.  The light was stunning, the location was perfect and their love beamed through it all.

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