Lake Wenatchee Storytelling Session // Jami & Cory

March 01, 2016

I think sometimes the greatest love stories are the most unassuming ones, and I have to be completely honest, first meeting Jami & Cory five years ago I assumed theirs was an ordinary story.  The truth is, while Cory & Jami are not a flamboyant or dramatic couple and might seem unassuming they are far from ordinary.

Jami & Cory were set up by mutual friends at church, multiple times before they realized what was going on.  As we drove up to Lake Wenatchee and Jami laughed through the story of being certain Cory wasn't interested, the look on Cory's face was one of someone who loves a story he's heard a million times, present and still knowing what's going to happen.  And oh how he loves his love story, it's evident in how he holds Jami's hand, how he laughs with her, how he listens and how he has learned to open himself up to the chatty runner from small town Washington.

These two are endurance athletes.  They set goals and work tirelessly toward them, and what's even more, they excel at them.  People have often waxed poetic about the fact lifelong love is a marathon and not a sprint, but these two give each other not only the words, but also the commitment to lace up their shoes in the cold and the rain and the early morning hours and run.  For seven years they have been running as husband and wife, picking the other up when they fall, cheering each other on in times of sheer exhaustion and when the pace of life has been overwhelming, simply walking hand in hand knowing that soon enough, by grace, they will have the strength to run again.

Jami could tell you stories for hours about all the amazing things she loves about her husband, but nothing beats the story she tells when she looks at him when he's holding her hand.  So there, amidst the snow and the lake, the mountains and forests, these two and their seemingly ordinary love, outshone everything else around them.  This is a good love story and it's only just begun.
J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, "I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."

Thank you, Jami & Cory, for your inspiration for this lifetime, I am humbled and grateful for your story and your friendship.

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