Arne + Melissa // Rainy Mount Si Engagement

November 05, 2016

Rarely do I come across a couple who has already done a better job telling their story in their first email than I ever could.  It takes coaxing out of people to get bigger and better details about their love story, but if I could I would just copy and paste Melissa's first email and walk away because I was moved to tears when I read it.  It went so far beyond the fact they met as trauma nurses in the ER, she explained why she loves Arne and how Arne meticulously speaks her love language, even when she cannot speak it herself.  

As Melissa described who Arne is I felt like I was reading the pages of a well crafted biography.  I honestly laughed out loud when I read the following "He is a big dude… 6 foot 7 in. and built like the sturdy Danish that he is. But, I swear God had to make him that big to fit his huge heart inside of him."  And as we stepped out into the 40mph gusts and driving rain last Wednesday, all 6' 7" of him had only one goal, to keep her safe and warm.

This day was ridiculous.  Honestly it was.  There was no other way to describe it.  We had planned to do some more formal engagement photos in Melissa's stunning DB Studio dress and as there was no sign of the rain letting up even a little, we had two choices, go all out or go home.  With the biggest smile on her face Melissa turned to Arne and said "It could be fun!"  Maybe it wasn't the most ideal day but there could not have been two more ideal people to stand in the freezing cold and make it warm.

When describing what Melissa wants their wedding to be like, one line stood out to me, "Good food, laughter, tears that come when you see a glimpse of an astonishing view after a long and treacherous climb up a cliff."  This is the kind of a love they are building, the kind that speaks beauty into the world and offers it a hand in the climb.  So there they stood, buffeted by the storm and laughing anyway because they had each other to hold on to, and they knew the storm wouldn't last forever.

After getting a little drier we headed into Pioneer Coffee in North Bend for some much needed hot Apple Cider and good laughs.
Melissa & Anre, I cannot thank you enough for braving the most ridiculous of days with me and for doing it with grace and laughter.  Moreover, thank you for loving each other well, the world needs more good love stories, I can't wait to tell more of yours.

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