Marine on St. Croix Engagement Session // Autumn & JP

February 12, 2018

Quite often, when you ask a couple to explain how they met the story falls to the girl.  But to hear Autumn and JP tell their story of how they made it to their first date, you'd think you're listening to a well-choreographed script.  Not because it's practiced or fake sounding, but because it is hilariously designed back and forth of missed connections, missed signals and ultimately, JP's decision to act now or forever hold his peace.

When the day came for JP to propose, he planned out a day full of fun around Minneapolis so that he could pick out the perfect place to pop the question.  However, his best-laid plans kept getting interrupted with massive crowds and long waits that killed some of the fun in the day.  When they ended up in a familiar place, JP realized one thing, the place didn't matter as much as the answer did.

With a deep breath, JP said "I've been trying to find the perfect place and wait for the perfect time, but what really would be perfect is if we were engaged."

Autumn asked if we could do engagement photos in her neighborhood and since I"m a big believer in doing photos wherever your heart comes alive, I said yes.  Little did I know that her neighborhood was one of the most beautiful parcels of rolling fields and stunning fall color that I have seen.  So, we stood in the warmth of the August sunset and strolled through the tall grasses and the whole time, Autumn laughed and JP beamed at her with unrepentant awe.  It was perfect.

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