Chelsea and Malvin

July 18, 2010

Even after heading west I had the great chance to spend an extraordinarily hot day with a couple who were so in love it spilled all over these pictures. Chelsea and Malvin have an amazing story that started in South Africa, crossed the Pacific for 14 months and and wins the hearts of everyone around them.  If you ever get to meet them you'll know exactly what I mean.

Pambuka Sneak Peak-4 Pambuka Sneak Peak-3

Pambuka Sneak Peak-5Pambuka Sneak Peak-6

The morning of the wedding Malvin sent Chelsea the sweetest message!!

Pambuka Sneak Peak-10

These girls were so much fun and were so kind to put up with my photos ideas as well as the heat.

Pambuka Sneak Peak-12

Pambuka Sneak Peak-15

Pambuka Sneak Peak-17 Pambuka Sneak Peak-16

Pambuka Sneak Peak-24

Pambuka Sneak Peak-40 Pambuka Sneak Peak-42

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Pambuka!!

Pambuka Sneak Peak-39

Pambuka Sneak Peak-44

I hope for all the best for these two and I know no matter what life hands them they will have love to carry them through.

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