Words with friends, and a great view

February 20, 2011

I realized recently that living near Seattle doesn't necessarily mean I am in Seattle very often.  Not to mention, since we moved here in October, also known as the start of the rain, exploring the beautiful city has been less than appealing in the constant dripping.  So the uncharacteristic sunshine that has permeated the clouds for the last three days, coupled with the fact I haven't seen my friend Karina in a long time, Noah and I explored the city.

First stop, after two wrong turns, Top Pot doughnuts on Queen Anne, if there is anything I'm a really big sucker for, it's coffee and doughnuts.  Karina and I got coffee, gloriously sugary carb monsters and played some speed scrabble since I am not cool enough to own an iPhone and play Words with Friends.                          


After an excellent conversation and too many cups of coffee it was food time.  Now when people ask me what I miss most about Chicago there are two things that come to mind, friends and food.  I miss my friends dearly, I also miss falafel at Dawali, so we headed to the U-District where we knew we could get some middle eastern cuisine.  I have to admit it wasn't as good as my $2.95 falafel, but it felt a little like my most recent home.  Then, to my biggest vice, used book stores, particularly ones where the organizational structure is rather non-existent and the chairs scream "You'll probably fall through when you sit down," but I can't help it.

But nothing topped the day like a view from what felt like the top of the world and I remember that this journey is not about me, my words do not do this story justice.

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  1. Sweet. The most excellent of posts! I probably enjoy it way too much because "all of those things are my favorite too!" (note botched Nacho quote. Please use Nacho accent when quoting aloud)

    Yum...used bookstores, coffee, Seattle? You guys are making me jealous. Seriously. Sigh.

    But again- great posts and wonderful photos to go with it. xo's my pals! - natalie


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