Vanessa + Brendan and Blizzard Estra - A Minnesota Wedding

March 31, 2011

Since moving to the Seattle area most people are kind enough to ask me if I miss my home in Northern Minnesota.  I always answer with a resounding 'yes.'  Then, they often go on to tell me that they were in Minneapolis once and how it was so cold and how I must be glad to be warmer at least.  I often have to explain that the Twin Cities are not northern, how I grew up five hours northwest of there and how despite the frigid conditions the people are some of the warmest you will ever meet, Vanessa and Brendan are a shining example of that.

Vanessa and I met at the most beautiful place on earth, Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp, when we were like nine.  She is from Warren, MN, thirty miles north of where I grew up and we were probably in the same cabin 4 or 5 times, it was excellent.  So when the glories of Facebook informed me that she needed a wedding photographer I jumped at the chance to photograph the people who helped make me who I am today.

The morning of March 12, I woke up to the news that the highways were closed, the wind was howling and the temperature dropped to about -5.  Most brides would absolutely freak out at this, but Vanessa remained cool and collected and simply said, "I'm getting married today, everything is gonna be fine."  And it was, despite the wind and snow, she married her best friend that day, it was much better than fine.

A quick glimpse of Blizzard Estra -




This was seriously the wedding of ridiculously adorable kids!

After the wedding the party made a pit stop at The One and Only Store in Euclid, MN, you might think that's a cute name, but truthfully the one and only store.



While Vanessa and Brendan had their first dance there was a waiting line to get onto that dance floor that was cuter than anything you've ever seen!
And then the party got started!



Congratulations Vanessa and Brendan!

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