Sam + Rachel - A beautiful Black Diamond wedding

August 22, 2011

Through the summer months in the Pacific Northwest, residents and visitors alike have been asking where summer has gone, this is where it was.  All of the beauty of a Washington summer converged on this day for exactly this love.  Shining sun and a clear blue sky from sun-up to sun-down made for a perfect August day anywhere, but here is where love was, here is what the sun shone for that day.

Rachel and Sam are two people that are terrific when you meet them separately.  When you see them together you know that they are simply marvelous.  The smiles they exchange minute by minutes make you feel like you're looking in on a story that is only beginning, but it's a good one.

Rachel's dress was a true testament to her personality, classic, flowing, unique and so unmistakably beautiful you couldn't take your eyes away.  Her flowers were done by Lydia's Floral Design and her bouquet was centered around a Bible that her mother had carried with her bouquet adorned by a delicately crocheted cover made by Rachel's grandmother.

Mr. & Mrs. Newell said bon voyage to friends and family surrounded by smiles and bubbles to send them off.  

Sam opened the door for his new bride and the moment it closed he got a different kind of send off.

 Congratulations friends, we are excited for your story!

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