Austin + Jessica - Swans Trail Farms Wedding

September 11, 2011

When you meet Austin and Jessica, you could think for a moment that they are quiet, subdued, shy even.  The truth is, they are fun and outgoing and love to laugh but that aura you perceive as quiet is simple and honest contentedness.  They love each other enough that shouting it from the roof tops isn't past either of their characters' but it is best exemplified in the fact when they are near each other, all is right in the world.

Austin looks at Jessica like he found a crystal ball enabling him to look directly into his future and he loves what he's seeing.  Jessica looks back and finds everything she ever wanted and more than she thought was imaginable.  On Saturday, surrounded by friends and family and sunshine they proclaimed what anyone who had met them already knew, that this was happily ever after.

 Jessica's dress perfect for her and I just about squealed when I saw her sparkly Steve Maddens!

In case you're curious, yes that is a boat in the middle of a corn field.

Austin is a big skateboarder so instead of a guest book they had guests sign skate boards, so much fun!

Jessica surprised Austin with a groom's cake of their dog Chase skateboarding.  Jessica and her sister and maid of Honor Emily both wore broaches on their bouquets, Jessica with their great-grandmother's and Emily with their grandmother's.  

 Jessica's eye's are so remarkable, when the light started to soften we went out for a few more photos, this first one is maybe my favorite from the day.

Congratulations you two!  I hope you are having the best time in Hawaii, I know you are, you're with each other.

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