Courtney & Justin, A Twin Cities Wedding

June 15, 2012

I first must forewarn you, this is going to be a ridiculously long blog post.  I mean the kind where bathroom breaks, stretching sessions and a small siesta might just be necessary.  If after the first four photos you can't understand why, then we're just not friends.

Courtney and Justin are... hmmmm... exquisite.  Of course they are fun, of course they have great taste, love each other endlessly, were made to finish each others' sentences, grow old together and never stop laughing. All those things go without saying the moment you meet them.  There are no cliches that can encompass these two because despite the fact they embody them all they are somehow simultaneously above it.  It's a little like their world makes sense and you want to be a part of it.  Capturing the detail and grace of a day that exceeded everyone's expectations was no small task, but these two made it effortless.  Like I said, they are exquisite.


So I am about to post the longest first look ever.  You'll get to see it from my perspective and from Noah's not simply to show you why I love these so much but because I honestly could have shared just these photos and been happy.   

Most wedding photographers will tell you there are days you just want to be done and then days you wish could last forever.  This was the latter, we could have spent hours just photographing these two just being themselves.  It helps that when they are themselves they're gorgeous.

 Do we know whose Vespa that was?  Nope.  But I'm sure they're glad it was put to such good use!

The next location was Courtney's vision, the carousel at Como Park.  I think aside from making that vision come true she made every little girl's day who was near that carousel.  "Look mom, a princess!" was exclaimed from the lips of the girl waiting in line.  Her mom's response, "yes dear, a beautiful princess."

Then after driving nearly 100 miles around town to get the perfect locations it was time to get married, at yet another perfect location, the chapel at St. Thomas.

There were toasts and good food, homebrewed beer and a photo booth run simply by an iPad.  There was cake and champagne and then... there was dancing.

And frivolity...

And more dancing...

Congratulations lovebirds, we are so happy for you two.

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