Soren in the "Studio"

January 25, 2013

I am not a studio photographer, I love working with natural light.  However, I am a realist and understand the availability of the sun greatly decreases when buildings, trees or night factor into the shoot.  So, when I found a great sale on a new LED panel, I had to try it out.  And it so happens that Noah and I happen to have the cutest test subject known to humankind, Soren.

So here is our darling three month old in the shots that worked, look for the next post on the shots that didn't.  Are you ready to spend the next few minutes smiling?  Get ready, because here we go...

That's right, we started off with that one, you're smiling now aren't you?  Trust me, the cuteness doesn't stop.

So needless to say I like my new light, but I love the subject.  Tune in tomorrow for the story of making these photos work, why you should greatly respect studio baby photographers and why I am not one.

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