The "oops" Pictures (a.k.a) Why you should respect child photographers

January 27, 2013

We've all seen them, the adorable infant photos with the sleepy newborn, their chin propped up on perfectly placed hands, looking as if an angel had been caught on film.  Or those great milestone photos with the giggling baby, seemingly drool free who is obviously that happy all the time.  How about those beautifully lit, calmly sitting one year-olds who look so deeply into the camera lens you think you should sign them up for America's Next Top Model right now?  Well, don't call Tyra Banks quite yet, anyone who is or knows a parent, understands that those moments of serenity are gold mines, but are no means commonplace.

Like I said before, I am not a studio photographer, but I have great respect for their work and after this weekend have even greater respect for those who work with young children.  Realizing the probably endless supply of washable props, blankets and baskets is just the beginning,  Timing is everything in photography and when your subject is not only extremely demanding, easily perturbed and can vacillate between fits of sheer joy and unrelenting rage in a matter of moments, timing becomes an Olympic feat of skill.  Not to mention they don't even know what you're talking about when you say "Smile."

Here is what I am talking about, keep in mind he is taking these photos with his own parents, not even strangers...

Challenge 1 - Complete lack of desire to be there:

Challenge 2 - Hands in the mouth and the apparent need to flash gang signs:

Challenge 3 - Only making cute faces when dad's hands were in the picture:

Challenge 4 - Fingers in the nose:

Challenge 5 - Anger

Challenge 6 - The overwhelming feeling he felt he had something better to do:

Challenge 7 - Rampant indiscretion:

Challenge 8: The knowledge that "time is of the essence"

Something might be happening...

Something is happening!!

Oh no!

Meh, it happens...

The photo session was ended thusly and laundry commenced.

So I hope you got to see yesterday's post that showed how well some of the photos came out, but I also hope you gained a little perspective into the plight of the child studio photographer.  As artists we all want you to like us and our work and in that we hope that in that liking there is at least a little respect for the lengths we go to in order to produce good work.  

And because he's just so cute, here's one more to grow on.

Bonus Challenge: I typed most of this post with my left hand while holding and feeding a grumpy tired baby.  (Shameless self-aggrandizing statement)

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  1. Love it!! Oh, you write so well! I love the commentary on the shots. I laughed quite hard at the "something might be happening" series. So good!


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