Ashley & Jeremy - Bellevue Botanical Gardens Engagement

May 04, 2013

Ashley and Jeremy met by what some might call coincidence.  They both went to a concert neither of them really wanted to go to, nor did either of them feel they had the time.  Ashley's roommate wanted a friend to go with to this hip hop concert, and Jeremy knew the artist, so pressure from both sides was pushing them toward that night. In the end they both went and have never regretted it a day in their lives.  So, yes some might call that coincidence, I think of it more like fate.

We met up at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, just missing the rain and arriving as the rhododendrons began to bloom.  They walked hand in hand through every trail, dry creek bed and flower garden I thought looked nice and when we stopped for a photo I realized just how much these two can be 100% themselves with each other.  They looked at each other with grace and love that echoed through the lens.  They were happy, not because I was there or because Ashley had a reason to paint her nails fabulously pink (Ashley is a super creative, rockin hairstylist), but because they were together.  I have a feeling that even if they rain had struck mid-pose, the smiles wouldn't have changed.

I love this next series of photos.  Jeremy has serious engineering prowess so I stepped back from the suspension bridge while Jeremy explained to Ashley how different parts worked, keeping the bridge from falling into the ravine below.  This is what I mean by being themselves, there is no pretense in their relationship, just mutual respect and true admiration for each others' talents and gifts.

Thank you for dodging the rain with me, you two.  I'm so excited for your wedding in August!

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