Kristin & Kyle, A Ballard Engagement Session

May 27, 2013

When I first met Kristin and Kyle, I was introduced to Kristin by a friend and then she said "this is Kyle, he's going to marry Kristin someday."  He immediately smiled and tried to laugh it off.  I think he laughed because he takes a minute to open up but also, he smiled because he knew it was true.

We met up at the Ballard Locks in Seattle amidst the cover of clouds and the threat of rain.  We spent a few moments laughing about tips and tricks for loosening up in front of the camera.  It turns out just making suggestions can make you loosen up just enough, because not long after I captured these, and they were certainly getting the hang of it!

Who knew there was an old-school British telephone booth in Ballard?  Not me, technically, but it was a fun find!

 Thanks for the great day dodging the rain friends!  I'm excited for your November wedding and don't worry, Kristin, it'll be beautiful, I just know it.

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  1. Great images! I love how you captured the way the look at each other!


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