Johanna - Senior Session

June 24, 2013

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend the afternoon with a girl that I'm fairly certain floated down from Scandinavia on a cloud, she is that gorgeous. Johanna is sweet, quiet, a fantastic baker and headed out for Seattle Pacific University in the fall.

It was a sunny afternoon in Bellevue and we had planned on going to the Botanical Gardens, but they're under construction.  Then we decided on Downtown Bellevue Park, and then it was prom night for Bellevue High School and not surprisingly the park was busier than we wanted.  Then we headed down to a small waterfront place, Meydenbauer Beach, and it was perfect.  So we settled in on the grass, I told some bad jokes and despite the overdone punchlines, she still looked exquisite.

The next set of photos were the last three we took on the day and when I saw the back of my camera my heart absolutely leaped.  She is so stunning that I couldn't help but show them to her immediately.  I hoped in that moment she could see how beautiful we all know she is, so in case she forgot... here you go.

Thanks for spending the day with me, Johanna, congratulations on all your hard work and good luck at SPU!

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