Chelsa & Jeremy - Grand Forks Wedding

July 26, 2013

If you've ever been to the Rockies, people tell you it's "Big Sky Country" because everything looks so much more expansive there.  Maybe they're right, but there is something about endless horizons, fields that nourish the world and farm roads that arc over the curve of the earth that make you feel like you are part of something much bigger than even the sky.  Chelsa and Jeremy could have flown to any exotic locale to celebrate the exchange of rings and vows but they chose home, a place many people glance past but they know those plains carry a story so big it begs you to be a part of it.  They both knew their marriage would have to be part of a bigger story than them, than just that warm July Saturday, bigger even, than their love.

The day started quietly, calmly at Chelsa's house, a barn her family had beautifully renovated into a warm and inviting home.  It is full of stories of friendship, laughter and faith and is where much of Jeremy & Chelsa's story began, with her family.  Stories were told throughout the day of how respectful Jeremy was in his pursuit to woo Chelsa, of the encouragement the men in her family gave her to give Jeremy a chance and the late night talks with her sister about this boy, the one boy.  This home was the perfect place to start that Saturday, amidst the horizon lines and farm fields, the story of their day began here.

The following is why I love first looks so much, it never fails to amaze me how the emotion and joy of that moment enraptures most grooms.  The brides are of course, excited but the grooms' face is always the pinnacle of that moment and Jeremy was no exception when he saw Chelsa.

After that last photo, I called to the wedding party to state that we were done, that all the necessary photos for the day were finished because the love between them was pouring off my camera.  But, never the less we pressed on with a blue sky and sweet friends.

Now Jeremy thought really outside the box for his groomsmen's gifts, and I can honestly say that while shooting a wedding I have never said, "OK guys, go get your swords."

I definitely have never said, "OK, one, two, three... fight!"  But it was awesome!

The kids in this wedding were nearly as big of a hit as Chelsa & Jeremy.  They were adorable, funny, great dancers and they boys even got to place Secret Service agents while doing their duty as ring bearers.  

Chelsa and Jeremy are both dancers, so the "dip" was second nature to them, you'll see it will continue to make an appearance throughout the night!

The reception was covered in paper cranes and cherry blossoms.  I tried to make a paper crane of my own but despite the famed directions on each table, I failed.  So, I left the folding the guests.

The night ended with a perfect North Dakota sunset. There may not be mountains jutting out towards the heavens and there were undoubtedly guests there who have never seen the ocean, but say what you will about the plains, there are always exquisite sunsets.

Thank you Jeremy & Chelsa for letting me be part of your day, I wish you both a lifetime of joy.

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  1. I love these pictures! Thank you so much! (Alyssa, Emmett, Eisley and Ender's mom)


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