Soren is Nine Months!

July 27, 2013

I honestly just realized that the last blog post of photos I took were of my son at six months, mom-fail.  I kid you not, I have seven month photos somewhere and the eight month photos will probably end up being a mash-up of iPhone photos, but here are some proper 9-month pictures.  At his check-up he measured in at 30.5 inches and 26.4 lbs., or as our pediatrician said, the size of an average 18 month old.  He's a big guy, with a big smile, big dimples and the start of a big story.

Soren and I were home for Chelsa & Jeremy Jones' wedding so we stopped by the grounds at the University of Minnesota Crookston campus where my dad has designed the beautiful flower beds for as long as I can remember.  He is a master of his craft and he learned it from his dad, to whom the gardens are dedicated.  So this photo falls in line with three generations of family members taking their picture near this rock, it is a part of our story and as many ups and downs as we have, we have a good story.

Some of these photos have captions, I like to imagine what he's thinking.  I'm sure they are deep and meaningful thoughts.  My husband says I'm projecting, I think I'm just encouraging an early and thoughtful connection between the two of us.

His lightning fast crawling and consistent attempts to stand and walk do not offer many chances to sit and look at mommy any more.

"Wait, you want me to what?  Smile at you? How's a about we just go for pensive and looking at the grass?"

"Or I could do my, 'swamp monster creeping up on you' impression!"

"I can look up and smile at grandma, I love her."  And he does, my parents were so great for watching Soren so I could photograph the wedding.  I am so appreciative!

This is just a tiny glimpse of my dad's work.  He is a true artist and is much too humble to say it, so I will.

"No, I wasn't just eating those and no, I will not open my mouth."

"The sign says dance, I guess I should dance!"

The day we left we went to pick up grandma at the University of North Dakota, my old stomping grounds.  Obviously, it was prime time for a photo shoot.

"Hey that wind is sure coming up.  What?!?!  What on earth is that horrid smell?  It smells like over-toasted bagels and garbage and for some reason I want McDonald's fries really bad and don't at the same time."  If you went to UND or have ever been downwind of the Simplot plant you understand, it's horrible.

"Mom, tell me why you don't like this building behind me again called Twamley?  Oh yeah, they took all your money."  

We had a great time at home, the next photos he'll probably be walking so they will most likely be of his back and my camera falling as I chase him.

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