Ashley & Jeremy - Monte Villa Farmhouse Wedding

August 19, 2013

Jeremy & Ashley were married on a beautiful August Saturday at the Monte Villa Farmhouse.  The rain held off, the sun came out and love & style showed up in droves.

I could spend hours waxing poetic about the way that Jeremy looked at Ashley every time she smiled at him, about how the world faded away when they finally had a moment to themselves.  I could write pages on how much each of them were torn between careful details that described them perfectly and simply wanting to hold each other's hands.

The day was bursting with hot pink, fragrant flowers, personal touches, perfect friends and even a three-tiered, homemade cheesecake.  In the midst of sunshine and stargazer lilies the lovebirds vowed to cherish each other equally, romance each other daily and give of themselves selflessly.  It ended with dancing, champagne and much laughter.  It began at the CarolannJoy Salon, where Ashley works as a hair artist.

So settle in, grab some coffee, maybe some tissues because this is a long post dedicated to love, genuinely fabulous love.

Congratulations Ashley & Jeremy, have the time of your lives in Maui!

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