Austin & Emily - North Bend Wedding

August 12, 2013

Austin & Emily met in college and as the maid of honor and best man would later toast at their reception, Austin & Emily were changed immediately.  In those same toast's from their wedding party there were jokes of planned threats made to each of them to look out for each other, but in the end no jokes were needed because everyone there realized that Austin & Emily had found their forever match.  Throughout their wedding day their friends and family gushed about how seamlessly they fit together in faith, hobbies, laughter and love.  They wrote personal vows and even though they didn't write them together, they flowed as if two halves of a whole, promising to always date one another, to never falter in giving each other all of them and to love the other more today than yesterday for as long as they both shall live.

So it was on a hot and eventually stormy August day in the shadow of Mount Si that the people closest to them gathered at Austin's family home to watch love and a lot of cowboy boots walk down that aisle.  And even as the storm clouds gathered and drops began to fall, Austin and Emily were unfazed by anything around them because their dream of being husband and wife came true.  And as the thunder clapped, as if to applaud them for the fact they dared to love so deeply, Austin and Emily simply danced in the rain.

While this was no shotgun wedding there was no shortage of shotguns to be found, but Austin was not the only one to want to pose with this collection, when it came time for Emily and her bridesmaids' photos she said "Oh, hand me the shotgun instead, I'm a shotgun kind of girl."  I have a feeling this is one of the many reasons Austin married her.

Emily is one hundred percent the first bride I've ever worked with whose Pinterest boards and actual wedding matched to a tee!  I was beyond impressed with her eye for detail and her commitment to see it through.  Amazing.

Austin and Emily chose to keep their day traditional and not see each other until the aisle.  The bride is always gorgeous but the groom's face is almost always my favorite.  Austin nailed it.

Congratulations Austin & Emily!  I hope you are having the time of your lives in Cabo!

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