Garrett & Megan - Washington Park Arboretum Engagement

March 03, 2015

A few years ago Garrett and Megan found themselves at the same backyard barbecue.  With one look Garrett saw Megan and immediately thought to himself, "Well, that's it, she's the one."  And that's all it took because sometimes love finds us at first sight and even if both seers don't know it yet, coaxes us into the vision it had from the beginning.  I believe in love at first sight, even if it is an eventual love because is an unquestioning love, like something that has always been.  Megan and Garrett embody this idea when they are around each other and even when they're apart.

They love not only each other but the time they spend with one another.  They are big fans of long walks and holding hands and laughing about just about everything.  We spent Saturday morning at the Washington Park Arboretum and frankly, I wanted to just watch them talk the whole time.  It's mesmerizing when two people connect so well the rest of the world and wind and shadows fade.  But nevertheless we went on a long walk and this is what came of it.

Sometimes you find giant mushrooms and can't help but photograph them.  Let's be honest, though, Megan's ring is a stunner and I really just wanted to play with shiny things.

Congratulations Megan and Garrett!  I am beyond excited for your July wedding!

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