Jonathon & Kristi - Oregon City Wedding

March 25, 2015

I have written and re-written anecdotes about Jon & Kristi all day and nothing seemed genuine enough other than the fact that their wedding, in every way, exceeded all expectations.  When I finally made that clear to myself everything else made perfect sense.  Because that is who they are together, two people who when put side-by-side, exceed expectation.   Their love for each other is evident and goes without question, but their friendship is the surprising part.  They will tell you that they have been best friends since the first time they hung out and most people find the idea of your spouse as your best friend a little cliche, but not so with them.  They laugh together and struggle together and make decisions together and choose life together not simply because they love each other, they genuinely like each other.  

Also, the depth of their knowledge of each other can be described in no other way but refreshing.  They each embody consistent thought about the other's presence, well-being and emotions.  They strive to learn more about each other through each circumstance, not going through life near each other but together.  Those who have had the pleasure of talking with them about their goals and dreams, walk away pleasantly surprised at how deeply rooted their futures are in not only each other but their shared faith and passion.

So the first day of spring decided to exceed expectations as well.  Originally the rain was inevitable, but in an ode to Jon & Kristi's big day, the sky parted, the streets dried up and the sun shone through the windows of the beautiful Highcliffe Ballroom in Oregon City.

Big thanks to Singer Hill Cafe for letting us use their beautiful vertical gardens for portraits!

After the reception, Kristi changed into the most perfect tea-length going away dress and we headed down to the Portland waterfront for a few more shots in the City of Bridges.

Congratulations you two, I hope your honeymoon in Canada is amazing!

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  1. these photos are amazing you did a great job capturing their love

  2. So beautiful. You guys look amazing.

  3. The couple is looking radiant and church weddings are always fun. My sister also had her ceremony at church followed by a reception at venues in Chicago and it was the best wedding I have ever been to.


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