John & Sara - Olympia Farm Wedding

August 14, 2015

When Sara's roommates all left to home during Jan-term, leaving her behind her one thought was "this is going to be a long couple weeks by myself."  All she wanted was a friend to talk to and so she prayed for someone to spend time with.  Not long after that, one of her roommate's friends walked over to her dorm to see if she wanted to go play games, and he brought a friend with him: John.

What had been a prayer for companionship during a lonely time turned into an introduction to the love of her life.  

No one would ever characterize Sara and John as loud but that doesn't mean they aren't dynamic.  When Sara smiles and laughs she puts the people around her at ease.  When John holds her hand you can see the cares of the world fade away from Sara's eyes as they fill with joy.  Together, they are compelling, not in a boisterous way but in a quiet manner that makes you want to sit and listen to their love story.  

I was honored to spend a day in their love story at the farm of a family friend in Olympia.  It was not loud and flashy but it was extravagantly full with love, family and friends.

I could have done this entire post on their first look.  There is something about this photo of them hugging that just makes my heart sing.  

Throughout the day, John would, with great care, sweep Sara's hair behind her ear.  He would look at her with unabashed wonder, careful to take in each moment as to not forget what the beginning of forever felt like.  

The clouds parted just as the sun was beginning to set, and we walked into an open field.  This is what photographer's dreams are made of.

Congratulations John & Sara!  I hope your mountain escape honeymoon was amazing.  Thank you for letting me be part of your love story!

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