Bellingham Garden Harvest Wedding - Christie & Tola

October 01, 2015

Christie's dad's advice to her on her wedding day was simple and perfect and poignant: "You don't have to make the butterflies go away, you just have to make sure they're all flying in the same direction."  It was good advice because there were butterflies all morning, but they all pointed in one very clear direction, her forever love and life with Tola.  

So, on Saturday, surrounded  by friends and family and of course their dog, Cedar, Christie and Tola stood on the shore of the Pacific and promised to love and cherish each other from that day forward.  They gave vows that thanked the other for teaching them to grow and change and try even harder to become their best selves.  They adorned every inch of the Woodstock Farm in a veritable fall harvest of dahlias and pumpkins and squash, representing the long awaited fruition of their hard work and constant devotion.

The day began with rain, but as if the skies themselves bowed in recognition to the love that was being shown that day, the clouds parted and sun shone bright and warm on that September day.  It was splendid.  
Part way through the ceremony, the moms came forward to perform a traditional Cambodian hand-tying ceremony.  But instead of the usual red strings of blessing they used lace from Christie's grandmother's wedding dress.  It was truly lovely to witness.  

 Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kong, I hope for you nothing but happiness and lots of fun canoeing with Cedar!

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