Fall City, WA // Engagement Session // Matthew + Kelsey

October 26, 2015

It took three weekends to find the sun on a Friday afternoon but it was worth it.  Matthew & Kelsey made their way down to the rocky beaches that line the Snoqualmie River, less than a mile from the majestic Snoqualmie Falls.  But tripping and traipsing over small river rocks is child's play for these two.  

Matthew and Kelsey met while working at a rock climbing gym and immediately hit it off.  They are so in sync with each other that when Kelsey met Matthew's parents, his mom told him that no matter what happened with he and Kelsey, they were going to keep Kelsey.  But forever was an easy decision for Matthew and you can tell by the way he looks at her.  

There, as the light went down on a simple Friday, each glance from him was like watching someone looking ahead into brilliant truth and love and grace and hope.  Yes, they laughed and joked and giggled and were totally themselves and yet it was a little bit like I was watching the metamorphosis of two people into their truest selves.  Matthew looked into the eyes of his future wife with awe and anticipation that was matched by Kelsey's steady looks of both love and patience that allowed them to be both radically present in the moment and someplace else entirely all at the same time.

It sounds a little heavy handed but their love isn't a feather-weight kind of affection, it is deep and wide and weighty in the best way.  I could think of no better way to spend an evening but in the weight of forever love.
Also the warm light and blue-gray rocks made for a combination that emphasized Kelsey's stunning eyes.  I could have taken this photograph a million times and been happy.

Matthew and Kelsey are avid board-gamers.  The original plan was to head to local pub and play there but Friday night made that difficult.  So instead we set up Christmas lights and had a boardgame picnic in my front yard.  This was truly a fun and beautiful and unique way to end the evening.  And as a bonus, we all got to hang out afterwards!  I love being friends with my clients.
Congratulations lovely friends, thank you for sharing your love story with me and letting me share it with the world.

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  1. Spectacular! The light and colors in the foliage are divine. Beautiful work capturing their personalities!

  2. I love all of them but especially the night ones. lighting is awesome!

  3. Gorgeous! I agree the lighting is soft and captivating. I like the one where they are resting in the stones, both facing the camera. The stones give off a warm, trailing light, and Matt and Kelsey are so earthy. Great job, Ali!!

  4. Fantastic. What beautiful emotion you captured. Great job Ali!


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