Anne + TJ // Clyde Iron Works // Duluth, MN Wedding

May 20, 2016

Anne & TJ both studies statistics and actuarial science in college.  They are both numbers people because to them numbers are predictable and measurable and natural.  But being numbers people doesn't make them predictable, it makes them steady.  It means that when they took ballroom dancing lessons to wow their guests with their first dance, there was no awkward counting out-loud, there was just TJ, leading his bride-to-be, knowing they could count these steps in their sleep.  It means they remember the day they first really noticed each other and they keep those numbers close to their hearts.  It meant Facebook countdowns as the days approached and a clever, number-driven hashtag #TheOneFourMay.  TJ and Anne are intentional about their time together and until the day arrived, counting down every second until they were married.

Few May brides predict it would snow on their wedding day, especially when the previous Saturday it was 95 degrees outside.  But, lo and behold, on the morning of May 14th the ground was coated in snow that quickly dissipated, but the cold did not.  With a forecast that called for high temps in the mid-40s, most brides would be freaking out.  Anne, however knew two things for certain; she was about to marry the love of her life and she would do that while wearing her great-aunt Ruth's precious pearls.
Despite the fact the thermometer read 37, we headed to Lester Park in Duluth to take advantage of the quiet streams and gorgeous bridges.  Anne was an absolute champ in the cold and not until the end of the photos did she begin to realize she couldn't really feel her hands.  It was a good thing she had such amazing bridesmaids who brought warm blankets and extra coats.
These two opted for even more outdoor photos so that they could have the iconic Duluth lift bridge in the background.  
After a successful dip photo, it was time to party at Clyde Iron Works.  This former steel foundry was the perfect venue to gather hundreds of friends in a unique environment that had been standing for centuries and still felt new.
This light in the balcony made my heart swell, so Anne & TJ took an opportunity to practice their first dance and bask in the most gorgeous light that foundry had ever seen. 
One place that holds a huge part of Anne & TJ's story is Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp, a place where you meet lifetime friends, and sometimes even your spouse.  I happen to think it's a very good place to do so.  These are just a few of the people who have shaped TJ & Anne's story.
Congratulations, friends.  I have been so honored to be a part of your lives for the last few years and I cannot wait to hear more of your love story for the years to come.  Please remember, when things look less than favorable, when it snows when it should be 90 degrees outside, find the light and dance there.

Big thanks to Toby Robinson for being my impromptu second shooter!

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