Elyse + Andrew // Franklin Falls Engagement

July 02, 2016

"Well, if all else fails, I'll have someone to climb a mountain with."

That was Elyse's thought after she gave Andrew her phone number.  They were in nursing school together and about to start a unit at Seattle Children's.  Andrew invited Elyse to an event after he made a joke and she made an equally witty comeback.  Elyse, who had just moved back to the PNW from Chicago, showed up, had fun and gave Andrew her phone number.

Initially it was the desire for a good hiking buddy that brought them together time and again.  The first time they hiked to Lake Serene, however, things changed.  Andrew worked hard to not let this girl out hike him, Elyse gave him a run for his money.  

As they sat looking over the idyllic panorama that is Lake Serene, sitting in the snow, they both began to realizing this was much more than a friendship.  The four mile hike down led past Bridal Veil falls and into their forever life together.
We hiked in some Wildcat IPA from Snoqualmie Brewery.  The first glass was a little bit of a rough pour, but in Andrew's defense, we had just jostled that hydroflask for a mile.
On our way back to the car, the sun was setting over Mt. Si and Andrew pulled the car over, put the flashers on and we ran out into a wheat field to capture some of the most lovely sunset photos.  Oh, Pacific Northwest you are too good to us.
Thank you for letting me into your amazing hiking club, friends!  I cannot wait to hear more stories, to laugh and eat and be merry when you are married!

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  1. Franklin Falls is so beautiful! You captured their personality for their engagement session perfectly! I love your work!

  2. What a gorgeous Franklin Falls engagement session! An engagement session at Franklin Falls is about as Pacific Northwest as you can get. Love it!

  3. Oh my word Ali, this Franklin Falls engagement session is beyond stunning! Any adventurous Pacific Northwest couple would be thrilled with these romantic images! I just adore the photos at the end in the wheat field and Mt. Si in the background—that sunset light is to die for!


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