John + Laura // Monte Cristo Ballroom Wedding

August 09, 2016

The poet James Dillet Freeman wrote, in his poem Blessing for a Marriage "May you always need one another - not so much to fill your emptiness as to help you know your fullness."  John and Laura chose for those words to be read aloud during their wedding ceremony and that statement, the knowledge of being complete, was evident the moment Laura tapped John on the shoulder and he saw his bride.

These two are people you want to know.  They are the kind of couple you might meet at a coffee shop or a brewery and walk away feeling like you spent time in the company of truly present people.  Both teachers, John and Laura have the kinds of dispositions that people often describe as patient and kind, which is entirely true.  Yet, there is something else when you are around them, something that can only be described as comfortable magnetism.  People are drawn to each of them in a way that is thoroughly effortless.

More than that, their magnetism holds people together.  Both John and Laura's siblings described each of them as the "glue" that holds relationships together.   And they are each like this, magnetic, vibrant, present, all on their own.  So when you see them together, when you get to stay with them for a little while, it is nothing short of miraculous.  From dress fittings to final dances their friends and families came together to wish them hope and love and witness the miracle of love in John and Laura.  But then again, what are miracles other than the hope of the best things come to life?   
Laura's details were impeccable and also truly meaningful.  Her necklace and bracelet were her grandmother's.  Laura's mom took a piece of her own wedding dress as well as one of Laura's dad's dress shirts to make a custom wrap for Laura's bouquet.  Even the lace jacket she wore over top of her dress was stitched to perfection by her grandmothers.

The minister that married Laura and John teared up remembering that 25 years ago he had carried John down the aisle and baptized him as an infant.  Their wedding truly felt full circle in every respect.
John and Laura's first dance was perfect.  It was romantic and still light and  little bit goofy which fit them like a glove.  They danced to Ray LaMontagne's "You Are The Best Thing" and I challenge you to listen and not want to take the person you love in your arms and dance the night away.

Congratulations friends.  I was so honored to be part of your day and moreover the journey that has led to this great start in your life.

Thank you a million times over to Tasha Vanasse for being an amazing second shooter, assistant, bouquet holder, camera bag toter and comic relief!

Venue - Monte Cristo Ballroom
Florals - Flora D'Amore
Dress - WToo
Videographer - Andrew Imanaka

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  1. beautiful wedding photography ! Just love how you capture all the emotion

  2. Such a beautiful wedding there in the PNW! You have some amazing wedding venues up there! I love the details and the colors of this particular wedding, and your photos documenting it will be a treasure!

  3. I almost feel like I was there! Thank you for sharing the moments of this beautiful wedding,and the details are absolutely lovely.

  4. Laura and John's wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom looks like it was absolutely perfect! They sounds like incredibly people and you captured their day perfectly for them! Amazing job!


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