Andrew & Elyse // Mount Si Wedding

August 15, 2016

Renowned poet Mary Oliver once wrote "If you have ever gone into the woods with me, I must love you very much."

The woods are where Elyse and Andrew fell in love, the forest is what keeps them energized and connected and they chose to spend a day in the presence of both their friends and family as well as in the presence of the mountains and forests that brought them together.

Local Native American legend says that Mount Si is the product of a climb to the heavens that eventually gave the sun to the sky and fire to the people.  So there, in full view of Mount Si and the gorgeous sunlight drenching the valley, Andrew and Elyse promised their forever love to each other, their Lord and the fire that burns within them, moving them forward into the next adventure.
Andrew's grandmother brought custom lei's from Hawaii to celebrate their family's cultural heritage and to wrap her grandchildren in beauty and history.
Andrew and Elyse opted for an atypical reception.  Instead of head tables and formal dances they rented out the Snoqualmie Brewery and threw a party for their friends and family.  Laughter and joy spilled over each table as the power of good food and good company kept the night afloat.  But don't think there wasn't dancing, because there was definitely dancing.
As the night came to a close we stole away to a nearby park, cranked up some tunes and Elyse and Andrew danced beneath the light of the moon and stars.  It was one of those moments you could just get lost in, and they did.
The next day, more friends and family gathered at Elyse's cousins' house for a pig roast and second day reception, complete with a flowergirl in a pig costume.  It was an exquisite extension of the party, not because it was the biggest party ever seen but because it was filled with the genuine love of each and every attendee.

In fact Elyse's mom said to me, "This wedding wasn't small, if we had fit any more love in here the place would burst."  Truer words have rarely been spoken, so bursting at the seams the party went on.
The art in the frame is the traditional Japanese symbol for "Happiness" surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests.  It is made out of 1,001 paper cranes that were hand folded by Andrew and Elyse's family members, each one representing a prayer and a constant reminder of their story.  
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Najjar, I cannot wait to hear about your adventures from here on out, thank you for letting me be a part of them so far.  Have fun in Ecuador, I am excited for the pictures!

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  1. What a gorgeous Mount Si wedding! I love that they were able to share a two day event with family and friends! How special!

  2. What a beautiful Mount Si backyard wedding! I loved the paper crane tradition!


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