Chicago Winter Wedding // Peter + Tierney

December 08, 2016

The words here are failing me, and that is a rarity.  Tierney and Peter are living, breathing, exceptions to the rules the world feels like it needs to force on us.  Here stand two people who know more about pain and struggle and hopelessness than I could ever dare to imagine and frankly, I choose not to.  But that is not their story.

Never have you met two people who live more fully, more presently and more hopefully in the time they have than Peter and Tierney.  The words that kept circulating on their wedding day were identifiers like joy, resilience, exuberance and redemption.  They have big stories, stories they have been brave enough to tell.  But both of them agree, the story they are writing from this day forward is already bigger, better and more in need of storytellers than any previous memoir.  

So here begins this chapter of what will always be one of life's best stories: boy meets girl, girl trusts, boy realizes what gift she and her trust are, boy asks for her hand, girl gives it with all her heart.  If you need a picture book, take a look below.
Tierney and Peter met at North Park Theological Seminary and held their wedding in Isaacson Chapel.  It was a perfect place for a first look, the window light made everything seem to glow.
Winter weddings are sometimes risky, but these two didn't hesitate to walk outside in the freezing temps, as long as they got to hold on to each other.
As the dancing calmed down and the afternoon started to wind down, I took Tierney and Peter into a separate room and I would have posted all the photos, but for now, just this one.

Peter & Tierney, thank you for bringing our families together to celebrate with you.  Thank you for trusting me with such a monumental task and for being such courageous storytellers.  Your love speaks volumes.

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  1. You have captured joy in it's true form. Thank you.
    We are thankful and thrilled with how you have witnessed and shared this day.
    Your work is inspired.
    Blessings of abundance.


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