North Shore Engagement Session // Becca + Nick

June 26, 2017

Nick and Becca have been together for seven years, through high school, through nursing school, through the ups and downs of what it is to constantly feel like you are beginning life again and again they have been each others' solid place.  Spending time with them is like spending time with two halves of a whole conversation.  It's not because they finish each other's sentences, it's more like they punctuate one another's stories correctly.  Asking them to tell about themselves means not only listening to what Becca's grueling schedule in nursing school is like or why it is that the term "mud pie" means something totally different to Nick, but it's also paying attention to the swell of pride that washes over the other's face at the mention of their life's ambitions.

These two are getting married at Gooseberry Falls in August because the North Shore holds memories that come back again and again like the waves of Lake Superior.  So, instead of making something work in the Twin Cities, we went to where their hearts are most alive and, wow, did they ever spring to life.  
The shore of Lake Superior is mostly rocky, making for some uneasy footing, but Nick was certain to hold tight to Becca's hand.  Nick made the comment that all his pants have clay stains on them from the time spent at the potter's wheel.  When you meet him, it becomes clear that patience and creativity are qualities that Becca loves about him.
 Thank you both for spending the day with me!  I am so excited for your August wedding!

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