St. Paul City Skyline Engagement Session // Rachel + Cedrick

June 19, 2017

We knew that with busy, criss-crossing schedules and forecasted thunderstorms that we were working on borrowed time.  The sky was getting darker and Cedrick was running a few minutes behind.  Even though Rachel seemed worried about the rain, she was mostly looking forward to seeing Cedrick.  The week had been crazy and they hadn't seen each other at all that week, so when Cedrick came walking up in his suit and tie his tardiness was immediately forgiven by his presence and embrace.  For the next ninety minutes they spent time laughing, holding hands, stealing kisses and honestly being jubilant about the nearness of each other.

Cedrick and Rachel are the kind of people that make you feel you can breathe out after a long day.  Their easy going natures coupled by the fact that they truly love being together makes for an honest openness that translated quickly into genuine fun.  Spending the evening at Harriet Island and on the Smith Ave. Bridge was a way to capture their love for the water, the city and one another.  The rain did fall in the end, but they embraced the rain and held tight to the other's hand and laughed because life is crazy and there is no one they'd rather laugh with at the crazy.

Despite the rain falling in the Twin Cities, Cedrick wanted to make sure he represented his home team, the Florida Gators.  I love the goofy, playful side these two have.

 Thanks for spending the evening with me and braving the rain, you two!  I am beyond excited for your September nuptials!

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