Rachel + Sam, Engagement at Point No Point

April 01, 2011

I first met Rachel this summer working at Cascades and I thought to myself; "wow, she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met."  I mean it.  Have you ever met a person whose beauty literally took you aback and then you found out they were so incredibly kind-hearted that it leaves you speechless?  That's Rachel.

So as she spent the summer telling me about Sam and wonderful he was I knew I had to meet the man who could walk toe to toe with the sheer goodness of Ms. Rachel Bowen.  When I finally met Sam I realized immediately why they were meant to be together.  I am excited for their wedding in August, but more over I'm excited for their marriage and the heavenly picture of indelible love they will paint within it.


These two were will to stand in awkward places, on structures that were deemed dangerous or forbidden and laugh the whole time, danger became a bit of a theme for this shoot!


Rachel has an incredible smile and they both share the same laugh til it hurts, always goofy sense of humor.


Sam and Rachel are known for a few things other than just their smiles and humor and general good-heartedness, one of which is their need to wear Chacos pretty much all the time.


You two are so much fun I am excited for what this summer holds!  

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