Soderland Family - A day in Fun Country

June 02, 2011

If you ever ask Aaron and Beth where they're from they aren't going to tell you they're from the East side of Seattle or Washington or even from the U.S.  Now this isn't to question their citizenship or request a long form birth certificate from either of them but the truth is, they're from Fun Country.  It's a bit of an inside joke but Fun Country describes Aaron and Beth really well.

Their two boys, Nathan and Josh, have their very own fun and funny country literally pouring from their smiles, laughs and un-realistically perfect blue eyes.  These two can take a stick, a ball, a blanket and a plastic cup and an entire new world emerges with heroes and bad guys and secret hideouts.

So we spent the day dodging rain, having 'adventures' and eating Theno's ice cream.



The boys were all picking up the biggest sticks they could find, and then Nathan said, "here Mom, this is yours."  I think Beth was a little underwhelmed!

 A secret family meeting coupled with a 200 mm lens meant ready... set... go!


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