Adventures in babysitting

May 28, 2011

Little kids are cute, twins are often cuter, twins with a younger sister who is just as cute as the two of them put together is just down right irresistible.

I got the chance to have a few adventures in the last couple days with Reid, Keaton and Lyla and we had a bunch of fun.  There aren't a whole lot of kids who hang onto you as soon as you walk in the door asking if they can read books or go outside on a walk, which is why I think I like them so much.

So, JD and Becky, I hope you enjoy these photos as they serve as proof positive you have been raising great kids!



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  1. These are just the cutest kids ever! Of course I am just one of the proud grandmas, so I can sure say that!

    Thanks for your photos - they are moments to be treasured and you captured them well.

    Ruth Watson

  2. Forgot to ask, may I order some prints? I'll be in Redmond next week - staying with Sarah and Andrew.



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