The cutest little Swede, east of the Mississippi - Titus Victor

February 11, 2012

When we found out that Paul and Rachel were expecting it felt as if our very family was growing.  Paul and Rachel's wedding was the second wedding Noah and I had the honor of shooting.  Paul and Noah were classmates and I knew who Rachel was but truly met her for the first time that day.  Two weeks and an excellent Seminary wives' brunch later and it was like we were old friends.  Two years later, more like family.

On November 25th Paul and Rachel welcomed Titus Victor into the world as a happy, healthy and loved bundle of joy.  They named him Titus, a family name, a strong name and the name of the apostle Paul's most trusted companion.  Hearing the story of his name brought tears to my eyes so seeing Rachel's smiling face holding this little cuddle bug when I arrived in Chicago recently conjured emotions that could only be described as my heart swelling.

We had the chance to spend a lot of time with friends and family the week we visited but on the last day I took out my camera, rearranged pretty much all the furniture in Paul's parents' house where we were staying, and tried to capture how much the hearts of everyone swells around Titus.

Let's be honest, if this doesn't make your heart swell, you need to get your pulse checked.  I mean look that face!

Rachel and Paul both spent time living in Sweden, so why wouldn't we add a little Swedish culture?

I am fairly certain Titus is already practicing for the modeling world.

Paul played baseball for Mizzou, if there was anyone who was born to be a Tiger fan, it was Titus.

I love this family, they love each other, can you tell?

Love you three, can't wait until we see each other again!

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