The beautiful Ms. Raina.

February 11, 2012

I had been looking for a way and an excuse to get to Chicago for over a year now.  I miss my sweet city, the food, the culture and especially the people.  Erick and Reynonda are two of those people that go on my "top missed" list.  So when I knew I would be in Chi for a week, and that they just had a sweet baby girl I was not going to miss this chance.

It's not often that you head to Chicago in February and you're greeted with 50+ degree weather and blue skies, but the sun pouring in through the windows made for not only great light but gave a certain lightness to the day.  Not that these three need any help having a good time, doing Erick and Reynonda's engagement photos was filled with laughter, their family photos were no different.  Granted, it first started out with a little nap.

However  when nap time was done it was play time, and this little girl's smile could make anyone playful.

Family time!

Raina means "Queen."  She may be young but she is definitely a princess!

It was great to spend time with this lovely family.  Much love to all of you!

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