Our newest family member, Trigg Elijah

February 11, 2012

In December Noah and I had the chance to head to the wonderful, what was supposed to be snowy-white but turned out to be rather brown, world of Minnesota.  It was amazing to be home.  We were able to see much of our family including aunts, uncles and cousins, but a serious highlight was definitely meeting our new nephew.

Ladies and gentlemen may I present, Trigg Elijah:


The life of this little baby boy totally fits into the idea of "Best Story Ever..."

Hanging out with uncle Micah and aunt Cassie.  

I don't think he could help but smile and open his eyes whenever he heard Kristen's voice.  It was amazing and sweet!

The following picture is my absolute favorite.  Uncle Noah with Josie, Trigg and Kaja.  Those little girls love their uncle Noah, particularly because he beatboxes Dr. Suess.

In only a few short weeks he has already changed dramatically, I can't wait to see him again soon and share more pictures!

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