Jones Family - Fall Family Session, Redmond WA

November 07, 2013

As a photographer it is amazing to have friends who when you say "I want to try something, can I take your picture?" their response is "What should I wear?"  No questions, just action.  Those are my friends Kiersten and Ryan and their son Silas.  They make a point to have fun as a family, so we went and played in the leaves on what might have been the last sunny day the Pacific Northwest will see until... um... June, maybe.  

There are so many times when photographing weddings that you get the "look of love" from the groom.  The way he will stare at his bride like there is nothing else in the world.  The great thing about the Jones' is that Ryan still looks at Kiersten that way, and he taught Silas to do the same.  They are a family of big smiles and big love and we had a lot of loving smiles that day.

The great thing is, there was no special occasion for these pictures, no birthday, anniversary, holiday, or monumental change that many people feel warrants having their photos taken.  This was a Monday afternoon at a local park and that day won't be remembered by the traffic or the mundane but by the smiles Silas gave the camera while he was looking for the "butterfly flapping its wings" inside my lens.  These are good memories and treasured times, even though it was an ordinary Monday in October.

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