Max & Britney - Aberdeen, WA Wedding

November 27, 2013

Max & Britney met in high school, but it wasn't until a few years after graduation that a quick interaction in a lunchtime drive thru changed their fates.  It's funny how life works that way, and yet neither of them have ever doubted that it was anything short of a miracle they reconnected that day.  

From the West Coast where they grew up to the East Coast where Max was in Virginia for the Army their love grew more strong, more unyielding, more determined to not let anything stop them from being together forever.  So when Max got down on one knee this summer and in his anxious hopefulness, he didn't realize the ring box was upside down.  And truthfully, Britney had turned his life upside down in the best way possible so it was only fitting.  

In less than two weeks Max is getting stationed in Germany so the wedding planning had to be sped up to match that date.  It's not often that you can have a 50 degree sunny day at the end of November but as a glorious gift the sun shone through, warmed the air and stayed to share in their love.  The morning began with orcas and seals in bay and ended with one of the more remarkable sunsets I've ever photographed.  And from sun-up to sparkler exits the day was brimming with faith, hope and love.

Britney said this was the exact moment she knew everything was going to be OK, not just the wedding day but the move to Germany, the uncertainty of when she could join him overseas and everything entangled in those plans were set to right, because right here, she saw her husband waiting for her.

I don't often add family photos into the blog entries but this was an incredibly special moment between Britney and her great-grandmother.  It was just a glance, a knowing kindness and I had to take a moment after this photo to compose myself.  It was family at its best.

Congratulations Max & Britney!  I hope in these next days you are able to drink each other in until you see each other again on the other side of the Atlantic.  Gott segne!

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