My Favorite Trifecta

November 08, 2013

When we moved to Redmond, WA in 2010 I met a great couple at church, JD and Becky and their twin boys and 3 month old little girl.  Those kids were immediately the kind of kids you just wanted to make smile.  Then, ten months later after hundreds of job applications, JD asked if I'd ever be interested in regularly watching the kids during the day.

Two and a half years later, those kids have grown into my family.  Soren adores them and I feel like they have taught me more about both being silly and having fun and being patient and loving well.  However, times change and with the kids in school, Soren and I are moving on.  Now, I will spend my days with an absolutely adorable newborn little girl.  But I will always love these smiles, silly faces and loving hugs.

Thank you Watson family for letting me into your life and for loving us!  Now, for the cuteness...

We love you all, see you Sunday!

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