Whitley & Eric - Black Diamond, WA Engagement Session

April 27, 2014

It's been raining here for what has felt like days on end and the little raindrops on the weather report seemed unceasing as Whitley and Eric's engagement session arrived.  But, as the two of them drove into Flaming Geyser State Park on Saturday afternoon, the sun came beaming through the clouds, parting the shadows and warming up a chilly PNW day.  

These two have been together for six years and when I asked Eric what his favorite thing about Whitley was when they met, he laughed nervously like it was a secret.  So I let him keep it.  Later on, as the two of them sat in a field of dandelions I asked him to tell her that secret and her reaction was perfect.

They spent the afternoon laughing together, like two best friends who didn't need an explanation for a joke, just a knowing look or a single word.  It was like watching history unfold in love and merriment.  I honestly cannot wait for Whitley and Eric's wedding in August.  Until then, I will simply swoon over these gorgeous moments.

Thank you for an amazing afternoon!

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