Annic & Shane - Bozeman Wedding

May 27, 2014

If ever you get the chance to sit and talk with Shane and Annic, pay special attention to Shane's face while Annic is talking.  He looks at her like she's a work of art that has captivated his entire being and listens like the story she is telling is nothing short of a symphony that's being unfolded right before him.  The two of them move like there is a soundtrack playing at all times.  They laugh together as if on cue but it's the most natural thing you've ever seen.  It feels as if they are reminded at all times to hold tightly to each other because letting go was never and will never be an option.

It makes sense, those simple reminders that crop up every few minutes prompting Annic to grab for Shane's hand, gaze into his eyes and smile with resolute faithfulness.  In March Annic's mom, Susan, lost a four-year battle with cancer.  This day was filled with little details that reminded us all that life is fleeting but should be lived vibrantly, not with fragility and worry.  Whether it was Susan's pearls, her four sisters who stood in her place as Annic held tightly to her Dad's arm down the aisle or the perfectly timed rainbows at the end of the day, Susan was there in our hearts and in the symphony of Annic's voice as she said "I do."

But this was not a sad day, no, this was a joyous occasion.  This was love in its truest essence.  Shane's chivalrous sincerity was the stuff girls dream about but to Annic she was simply in awe of her reality.  Yes, this was blessed day and I was blessed to be a part of it.

Shane had custom Lego cufflinks made for all the guys that day.  They ranged from simple squares to Chewbacca and King Leonidas.


We were given the opportunity to shoot at the amazing event space at the Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery.  Nothing says timeless romance like window light and a few 100-year old Persian rugs.


Annic and her dad, Paul, danced to "Stand By Me" leaving no dry eyes in the house.


The next photos are remarkably special to our family, the significance of rainbows and faithfulness to us can't quickly be explained here but I can tell you that those colors in the sky brought tears to all our eyes.  

Congratulations Annic and Shane!  I hope your honeymoon in Maine is amazing and I look forward to hearing all about it.  I love you like crazy, thank you for letting me be part of your day.

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