Brad & Jenna - St. Paul Minnesota Wedding

June 20, 2014

There is very little reason for me not to jump at every chance I can get to fly back to the great state of Minnesota, but a wedding of two amazing friends is pretty much one of the best reasons ever.  This was a wedding that felt like the world's perfect worship service followed by the seminary class reunion you want to attend every weekend.  And there is something to be said for when two pastors get married in front of their friends, classmates and colleagues because everyone in that room is there knowing undoubtedly that this union is both sacred and sacramental.  

Brad & Jenna are fun-loving people by themselves but when they are together it seems as if they make the other better in every way.  Brad's brother and Best Man, Peter, toasted the couple by saying he had never seen his brother as at ease as he was holding Jenna's hands in front of God and that congregation vowing to love her as an equal for all eternity.  And what is so great about the two of them is they know it.  They know that life is exceptional holding the hand of their best friend.

The reception was a tribute to the things that are uniquely Brad & Jenna.  From the signature sliders with bacon and peanut butter, to the craft beer from a Chicago favorite brewery to the rowdy and fun-loving wedding party that shamelessly collected $100 from guests to make the newlyweds kiss to the count of one hundred.  But the ceremony was a commemoration of the depth of their commitment.  Jenna and Brad said "I do" in the same church Jenna's parents and grandparents made their vows in, and a beautiful chapter was added to that rich history.

Congratulations friends, I hope Mexico has been amazing!  I can't wait to hear about your life together in Kansas.

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