Chris & Laura - French Creek Manor, Snohomish Wedding

July 13, 2014

It's always a joyful occasion when a couple come together and no one can say that they shouldn't be together forever.  Chris & Laura's wedding day was filled with peacock feathers and kind words from friends and family who could all see beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the best kind of right.

As toasts were given and stories were told people regaled each other with tales of how bubbly and fun Laura is.  She is outgoing and talkative and friendly to her oldest friends and newest acquaintances.  When people would talk about Chris the words "he is such a Marine" were uttered more than once.  He is fiercely loyal, willingly sacrificial and equally quiet, stoic and staid.  But not around Laura, near her he comes a little undone in the best kind of way.  When a Marine Gunnery Sergeant can choke up about how much he loves his wife, the entire room follows suit.

It was a blisteringly hot July day but the heat could not overshadow the love felt between the two of them.  Congratulations Chris & Laura, thank you for letting me be a part of your big celebration!

A Marine who dances with his new bride is charming, one who dances with little girls at his wedding, melt my heart!

Safe travels back to California, friends!  And thank you both for your service!

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