Jake & Rachel - Rosehill Community Center Wedding, Mukilteo, WA

August 10, 2014

It's not often that such beautiful love stories come from stories of high school sweethearts but Jake and Rachel defied the odds and came out on the winning side of young romance.  As toasts were given and their story unfolded for long-time friends from Minnesota and newly acquired kinships here in Washington, one thing was made abundantly clear; no one had any doubts these two were meant to be together.  And as the microphone passed between a best friend, a brother and a father, each of them regaled the guests with the humor and harmony that make Rachel & Jake a perfect fit.  Eventually, Jake stood to speak and said he had known since picking Rachel up for prom that he was in love with her.  

Together they tell excellent stories and some of the most truly exquisite go without words but the looks they exchange and the way they hold on to one another tightly speak volumes.  So as the sun shone brightly over the Puget Sound last Friday. a new chapter was written with the exchanging of rings and vows and perfectly timed kisses and love and laughter.  

Congratulations Rachel & Jake, I can't wait to hear what this next journey brings!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Black!  Thank you for letting me spend the day with you, I'm excited to hear all about tropical beaches and palm trees in a few weeks!

Great big shout out to Cheryl Ford Photography for second shooting this remarkable day with me!

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