Scott & Linnea - West Seattle Engagement Session

May 06, 2015

I love stories of big proposals, I mean who doesn't?  Millions of rose petals or hot air balloon rides or a great big scavenger hunt, those are pretty fun.  But, truthfully, I love Scott's proposal more.  Because a few years ago when he walked into a coffee shop in downtown Bellevue he only wanted a cup of coffee and instead met the love of his life, but he had to wait.  She was already taken.

So when one of Linnea's co-workers had noticed Scott's affinity for Linnea's smile and laugh she took the chance to let Scott know when Linnea was available again.  So, he waited an appropriate amount of time and asked her out.  They shared a love for laughter, craft beers, big dogs and eventually each other.  

A few months ago, Scott went in to pick up Linnea's engagement ring and decided he didn't want to wait another moment.  He walked into their West Seattle home and without a big to-do said to a nearly sleeping Linnea, "Do you want to get married?"  She said yes and the wait for forever to begin was over.  It might seem small to some people but with the two of them, and their awesome dog Harry, things are casual, authentic and present.  So we spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon in West Seattle and we started out at the most awesome dog-friendly watering hole I've been to in a long time, Beveridge Place Pub.  Things just got better from there.

Seriously, how cute are they?

I love nothing more than when I ask a couple to stand in the middle of a steep winding road with few visible sight lines to see oncoming traffic and they're response is "sure!"

Thanks for being great sports, I can't wait for your June wedding and to see Harry in that tux again!

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